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How to talk to your fertility specialist?

How to talk to your fertility specialist?

Once you acknowledge something is not working properly in the fertility area, it is advisable to find a fertility specialist. This way you will get a proper guidance and the next steps to diagnose the possible causes.

The first important thing to do is to select the right fertility specialist. This is not easy as many specialists are available, most of them with impressive curriculums and studies, however once you get to know them it might be disappointing to find out they are not the person you were looking for. Others are very difficult to get appointments with, because they are so good that the waiting list is very long. It seems like a matter of luck to find the right one. I make emphasis in this because the relationship you establish with your specialist needs to be based in trust, otherwise you will not get the expected results.

Once you select the right fertility specialist, then comes the appointment. Most fertility clinics have a nice warm environment to promote relaxation and tranquility to patients.

If possible try to write notes with the questions you would like to ask. The meeting with the infertility specialist might be overwhelming and condensed with lot of information that will make you leave with even more questions. If you make notes it will be possible to address the previous questions before getting any new information that will result in even more questions accumulated.

Ask all your questions to your specialist.


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