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A bridge between Worlds. Witnessing life and death.

A bridge between Worlds. Witnessing life and death.

A bridge between Worlds. Witnessing life and death. By Lucy Coleman, MD.

How to describe the feeling of witnessing what I call “the bridge” between dimensions and realizing that feeling was always there, waiting to be explored further and understood in a deeper spiritual sense. The feeling is unimaginable. And this was my experience.

I am a doctor, specialist in Reproductive Medicine, a scientist, a former believer that everything could be demonstrated, even the things that have not being demonstrated yet, because their time to be demonstrated it is about to come. Now I know everything has a time.

I dedicated my entire life to science and medicine, believing that science had most of the answers. And most times found the explanation I was looking for, because it seemed they had the correct and scientific logic for most of the phenomena occurred in nature. My beliefs were that we had all the tools to find answers, explanations, reasons and logic. That was a fact until now, because realized I was far from being right. And the true was about to come to me. For some reason it was shown to me.


In Reproductive Medicine most events are amazing. From the beginning of the formation of each gamete, to the fertilization of the eggs, developing of the embryo, division, implantation, growing of the fetus, birth, every event is amazing. Research in this field had shown science is capable to find answers for most of the events happening during each step, and even go further to find explanations to events that before were unexplained. Scientist and observers have been looking at these events during centuries.

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