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The economics of the fertility market. Is it worth the try?

The economics of the fertility market. Is it worth the try?

For those who pursue the path of becoming doctors it is a long ride, filled with obstacles, loneliness, sleepiness, loss of social life and challenges that sometimes make us reconsider if we took the right path. Then the very long career followed by a longer specialization, postgraduates, masters, doctorates and the headache of getting the job. No any job, I mean “the job” we worked so hard for.


Well, looking it this way even I would not have considered becoming a doctor in the first place.



Fortunately the investment it is worth the try, definitely. But there is a catch, as always. What do geniuses and successful people have in common? Each one of them have something unique to offer to the world. That something unique is the secret to be successful, and it is easily accomplished proportionally to the level of commitment one has with their passion. When we decide to take any path in life, to do anything we want to become, passion plays a key role, because it is the force that drive us forward to make anything possible. Passion without fear is unstoppable, makes us become a high power rocket, and allow us to read people’s minds, to understand their doubts, fears, needs and problems. That way we will fix several problems at once, and trust me the world it is filled with problems.



So, if we were going to invest years of our lives (specially the best years), time that represents a sacrifice itself, with stress and the huge economic investment to be where we want to be, there is a huge need of those two very important elements: passion without fear and understanding people’s needs.


The day I made the decision of getting into the fertility business by myself was the day I realized the power of those two elements, the rest of the elements came along by themselves without me looking for clues. And it was one of the best decisions ever...Continue reading

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