lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

The search for life on Earth

The search for life on Earth

Past, present, future. Infertility was, is and will still being a challenge in the world, actually it is increasing dramatically and will become a bigger challenge than what it is today. We Doctors strive to learn more and more everyday about the peculiar behaviors of Mother Nature, however we still far from the truth.

My deceased grandmother used to say: “the problems of today will become the plagues of the future”. Today I understand what she meant. We are trying to solve problems today that will be very harder to solve in the future. Let’s analyze the way we humans behave. We do have natural resources which we are consuming without the appreciation and gratefulness deserved. We do have amazing, perfect and healthy bodies, which we damage and destroy, with our daily habits. We are part of a perfect designed universe that wants us to learn and grow; instead we are stuck in our stubbornness and believe that we do not need anything else. We think very highly of ourselves when we discover something new, however we still have a lot more work to do with what we’ve accomplished, to collaborate with futures generations’s accomplishments. There is no reason or logic for our lives, according to most humans. We fight the challenges that are put in our way without understanding that those challenges were there for a reason. That is the life we are living right now, and it is not a healthy life.

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