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Fertility Spa.

Fertility Spa.

It will be the ultimate, luxurious relaxing experience.

As a fertility specialist I always though there was a gap in the field for patient’s wellbeing. I used to treat patients that underwent fertility procedures and asked me if there was a range of products dedicated to anxiety, stress-management and to help them prepare for the procedure, during the procedure and even after the procedure was performed. I decided to look for alternatives and none of them seemed to work well with the intention we had, which was offering the patient relaxation and wellbeing.

There is no need to buy expensive products with claims of increasing the chances of success, or to undergo stressful therapies for getting miraculous results.

The patient’s needs are specific and vary with each step of their fertility procedure. It is different a patient who is just coming to the clinic for consultation than one already being prepared for a procedure, and one that finished the procedure. The anxiety levels are different and their needs also are.


When patients come to the clinic they seem to have many questions waiting for the right answers. If they do not get the answers they wish, their anxiety and stress levels rocket. And 99% of patients feel the same way.

There are several interesting articles published online and serious magazines regarding this topic. Web MD says: “While doctors may not know the exact links between stress and fertility, a series of studies shows the impact is hard to ignore”. Also Human Reproduction’s magazine has good articles like this one: The impact of lifestyle factors on reproductive performance in the general population and those undergoing infertility treatment. It’s conclusion is: “Physiological stress may reduce female reproductive performance in various ways...Continue reading

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