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“The non-biological causes of Infertility”

“The non-biological causes of Infertility”


To read this, I recommend you to have a look at some of my other articles, that way it will be easier to understand. I need you to have an open mind.

The article “Biological and non-biological causes of infertility” there contains explanations about all the biological causes. However, even though many patients present with biological causes, an increased majority are aware there is something else involved, and is not biological.

Once the non-biological causes are acknowledge, it will be easier to understand.

We humans are composed of matter. There is matter everywhere inside us. Matter is the connection with the physical world we live in. As we are submerged in our material or physical world there are ways to connect with the non-material world. It is possible to feel that connection with the non-physical world in several ways. Most people do not know this, or they prefer to ignore it because it makes it easier for their lives. I was one of them, one of the most skeptical of all, used to ignore there was another realm we can connect to in ways we are capable of receive Love and Light.

There are several non-biological causes of infertility, and they are related to our selfs and souls. Through them we can establish this connection with the rest of the Universe. They are difficult to understand at the beginning. It is hard to get the fact they affect us, because most times we are not even aware they are present.

We can summarise some of the reasons our selfs and souls get affected:

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