miércoles, 4 de noviembre de 2015

Talking about ironies.

Talking about ironies.


I am amazed of how ironic life can be. Anything happens without a cause or reason, there is no luck. Every person that crosses your life has a meaning. Either you play a role for them or they will play a role for you. No matter of small or fleeting your interactions, there are no chance encounters in this world. Each person in your life was sent your way to teach you a lesson.


Every day I meet new people they teach me new lessons. I feel profoundly grateful for the life I have lived and for each person who has crossed my life, either to play a positive or negative role on it. I appreciate the good things and also the bad ones because they have taught me lessons I can pass on to others.


Life can be an irony itself. Because it is filled with situations that sometimes would not be possible even if we try to plan them. They just happen when they need to happen. Why? Simply because we need to live our experiences and learn from them. Because we are souls in search of life and love, the pure love that exist in that other dimension where we will go someday again, just to go back home. It is an irony we need to come into this physical dimension to feel fear, frustration, anger, lost, abandonment, hate, doubt, insecurity and envy, in order to grow. It is the way our souls learn to overcome each one of those negative feelings and fill with light and pure love. It is difficult to love someone that hurts us deeply, but we do not need to feel anything negative, instead send that person light and love to grow someday, the same as we did. Hard? Crazy hard...Continue reading

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