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The role of Yoga in Fertility

The role of Yoga in Fertility


Yoga is one of the six fundamental systems of Indian thought, collectively known as Darsana. It can mean sight, view, interpreted as a view inside ourselves. Another meaning of Yoga is “to attain what was previously unattainable”, something that we are unable to do today. Yoga is the change we accept in our lives to learn to know ourselves in a deeper way. It will bring back the focus into our lives to establish a connection between the here and now, and with our body and mind. That way we can be “one with the Divine”. Our communication with the Universe that allows us to understand there is a power higher than ourselves, and to establish harmony and acceptance. Every person decides their path and will change their lives in the direction they wish, although some changes need to be make in order to gain that capability and to keep it. Any religious belief is accepted, as Yoga does not need people to believe in any particular God. Also there is no discrimination against sexual orientation, political view, social status, etc.


Yoga uses different poses called Asanas, each of them have meaningful connections between the experience of exchanging valuable information linking our body with our mind-soul. This information is gained because our conscious mind operates in ways we do not perceive if do not have the control gained by mastering the art of meditation and self-discovery.



In people’s day-to-day lives negative feelings play an important role, sometimes occupying most of their time. Negative feelings increase stress levels and they can very much affect the health in several ways. If we look at one of the main common factors involved in most fertility patient’s lives, then we will all agree stress is one of them. The frequent practice of Yoga provides exercising and meditation techniques, including respiratory skills that will improve our health in many ways. When practicing Yoga, the stress levels can be dramatically decreased, providing an increase in the blood flow throughout the body, releasing muscle tension, balancing hormones, helping cells to regenerate, healing and taking care of injuries. Some people have even claimed they have totally cured from diseases after the frequent practice of Yoga.


Yoga among its many accomplishments has been one of the most increasingly used by fertility patients today. There are Fertility Yoga – routine exercises made especially for this group of patients, and the success has been shown to be increasing with testimonies of successful fertility procedures, healthy pregnancies and newborns...Continue reading

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